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Today's Reality

Violent encounters take only seconds and are over faster than it takes police to respond. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid confrontation in the first place? Our personal safety training is a preventative/proactive program that teaches you how to use situational awareness to navigate your surroundings and avoid conflict by exposing criminals and their tactics.  Why do you need our training?

You will learn real world safety skills that help you avoid potentially threatening situations, and you will know how to respond in stressful situations


Realtor Safety - NAR Video (2021)

Our Personal Safety and Situational Awareness Training Program Includes:

· Psychological Need to Feel Safe

· Situational Awareness Skills

· Body Language Skills

· Predator Body Language and Common Tactics

· Tools for Making Decisions (Intuition)

· Verbal Defenses and Personal Space

· Every Day Carry, Defensive Hardware and Self Defense Tips

· Public & Travel Safety Tips (public restrooms, parking lots, buses, etc.)

· Home & Family Safety Tips

For Realtors: Realtor Safety Tips for Open Houses, New Buyers, Showing a Home, Realtor Photos and more!

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Senior Citizens

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Meet Linda


Recently Linda became a Personal Safety and Situational Awareness Educator with Pretty Loaded.  Linda partners with local law enforcement to collaborate on personal safety awareness and the mindset of a predator through the Pretty Loaded program. 


She recently began training in Krav Maga, self-defense and has achieved her orange belt.  She became a certified self-defense instructor and is able to provide guidance on basic self- defense techniques to her students, which enhances their ability to avoid potential dangerous conflicts.

She obtained her purple belt in June 2022.

The Pretty Loaded program was recently approved by the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection to be offered to real estate professionals as a 3-hour program with 3 CE hours provided towards their yearly licensing requirements.  It was also approved to provide the real estate CE credits directly by becoming an approved educational program.


Linda lives in Hebron, CT and is excited to be a part of the Pretty Loaded family and specializes in senior personal safety and real estate training. 

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